The Bells are coming!

It's almost time for the very popular mini sessions in the amazing Bluebells here in North Cardiff. 
There's just 1 session slot left for Saturday the 5th May and just a handful for Sunday the 6th May! If you are interested in a session buzz me an email asap to secure a place!

One thing I wanted to chat to you all a bit about is something that is very important when having your photos done in the Bluebells - outfit choices! Nothing kills the serenity of the bells like super bright colours :)
When selecting our outfits for the session, think neutral soft colours. I am always a huge fan of natural textures as they just work so great for outdoor photos! 

To see what colours will work well at a Bluebell photoshoot, check out this PinBoard I did
WHAT TO WEAR At YOUR BLUEBELL SHOOT for a bit of inspiration :)

The other thing I wanted to cover was the joyful British weather.
Yes, it rains a lot in Wales but - don't let it put you off! One of the BEST forest sessions I've ever done, was early morning while it was still raining and the whole forest looked like a mythical place with mist and fog and beautiful bluebells! As long as it isn't torrential then we can most likely go ahead. Don't get me wrong though - still, hope we'll have lovely dry weather that weekend - overcast is the best!  ;)  

I am checking daily on the progress of the flowers and it's looking like the weekend of the 5th+6th May will be just perfect! 

marie brown