Pancake Day - Danish style! \\PANDEKAGER\\

THE cooking bible

THE cooking bible

Today it is one of my kids' favourite days - PANCAKE DAY! If you want to know more about why we celebrate Pancake Day go read for your self here

But... my mum would go mental if I bought one of those shaky bottles that have all the ingredients in! So, here's how to make old-school Danish pancakes. My mum gave my this little traditional Danish baking/cooking bible when I left home at 19 years old and it's a great fall back when I need to know how to do things 'proper'
Frøkken Jensen (the lady who wrote it a million years ago) normally have a little bit of cardamon in but I didn't have any... and it says to add lemon peel but I hate that so... really, this is a traditional Marie pancake recipe!


A little Danish for you!

A little Danish for you!

For 4 people you'll need:

4dl flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 tsp sugar
(1 tsp cardamon or grated lemon peel) 
3-4 eggs (4!)
3 tbsp melted butter (but I used a squirt of olive oil)

Im making a massive portion as I've got a greedy bunch!

Im making a massive portion as I've got a greedy bunch!

MIX all the dry ingredients in one bowl and the milk and eggs in another.
Mix the two together and add the oil.

Now leave to rest in the fridge till you are ready to NOT get them stuck on the pan!
My mum or mormor (nan) always said a dough loves to sit and think about things before you work it further(!)


After the rest it'll feel a little thicker so give it a good wisk and get some air into it!
Then, heat a little oil in the pan wait for it to get nice and hot!
Pour into the middle of the pan and swirl the batter around till you have a fine thin layer.


When you can get a spatula under the pancake, then start to ease it off and when you feel brave - FLIP IT!




Now, serve up with your favourite filling! Mine is a little sugar and strawberry jam mmmmmmm.....

Good luck - remember to tag me on social media with your masterpieces
Marie x

marie brown